Upcoming Releases

Coming: Summer 2017
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic Romance
Series: none
Publisher: Trace Imaginations



The year is 2048, and with the emergence of shapeshifters, or Weres as they preferred to be called, has begun a whole new era for mankind. Unlike the movies, these men and women aren’t monsters, no matter how bigots view them. All they want is to live their lives. To further this goal a new progressive government has annexed different areas of the country best suited for the shifter’s needs. And fortunately – or unfortunately for Aurora Hunter, the local sheriff, that means that her back yard is now full of polar bear shifters – and it’s her job to keep peace between her community and their new neighbors.

As the Uruas Pack seeks to make a home in the vast tundra of the northern upper peninsula of Michigan, Alpha Sven Sorenson has his hands full. Not only has he lost his mate to human hunters, he’s now the single father a pair of twins who have no control over their change. When they’re accused of destruction of property, the sexy female sheriff comes calling. Even though it pisses him off, he’s prepared to pay for his sons’ damages. But he never expects Aurora to demand the boys do community service. Enraged, he refuses…until he catches whiff of her scent…and realizes that fate has decreed that she’s his new mate!

Which leaves the question: what happens when an unmovable object meets an unyielding force?



Coming: November 2017
Genre: Contemporary/Mythological Ménage (mmf)
Series: Calypso's Choice
Publisher: Trace Imaginations


Calypso’s next match should be perfect for each another, or so she thinks…

Screw what they say about revenge being served best cold. She was out to prove there would be a man out there who could keep up with her. When her ex-fiancée tells her that she was too much for him in the sack, Kristy Daniels is beyond pissed. So after giving her ring back, she decides to go on the honeymoon she’d carefully planned by herself. Surely at a place like Club Ecstasy Caicos, she will find a stud – or two to make her forgot her louse of an ex. 

Lowell McCormick has always possessed a high sex drive - to the point he’s lost lovers because of his constant state of arousal for both men and women. So after his last lover threw in the towel, he turned to Ms. Calypso’s erotic resorts. Surely there was someone out there who needed sex as much as him. Once he meets Oliver Stoddard, a fellow guest, and has a few hook ups with him and a few willing women, he’s in a hedonist heaven. That’s until they approach the newest arrival – a woman who pushes both of their cocks into overdrive, but isn’t quite the easy lay they expect. 

Has Calypso misjudged this time? Or will Oliver and Lowell be able to overcome Kristy’s objections and win her battered heart?