Coming Soon

Rip Currents
Coming: June 2019
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM
Series: Doms of Chicago
Publisher: Trace Imaginations
Word Count: 30,000 words


Bryan Sterling may be CEO and the main man in charge at Sterling Industries, but out of the office he’s anything but. As the treasured sub of Diachi Rai and Harkahome Akula, he normally trusts in his dominants and their decisions – confident they would never harm him. In fact, he has everything a sub in his position could ever long for – so then why does he keep pushing his limits? Which is what Hark and Diachi plan on finding out when they whisk their boy off to a secluded island off the shores of Lake Michigan. The fabled rip currents off Round Island will pale in comparison to two determined doms who’re bent on reclaiming their lover’s submission.