New Releases

An Exercise In Trust

Coming: June 6, 2019
Genre: Contemporary/BDSM
Series: Seraphina's Journey
Publisher: Trace Imaginations
Word Count: 25,000 words



In the business of submission a little trust goes a long way - right?

To say Seraphina Blackburn has serious trust issues is an understatement. A career driven woman who’s closer to fifty than forty - she’s relied on upon herself for years. She learned the hard way that trusting the wrong man was a one way ticket to heartache. Instead she focused on her job. As a senior ad exec, she has it all - or so she thought until one fateful February night, when an arranged adventure proved how wrong she was. Its been months since then, and while she enjoys the time she spends with her sometimes dominant, Caden King - there’s something missing and just not the scorching hot sex she knew they’d have - if she could ever figure out a way around his no sex rule. Surely the connection she feels isn’t just a product of their power exchange - or is it? There’s only one way to find out - if she’s not too scared to take the plunge.

Caden King, may not have Seraphina’s trust issues, but the demons riding him are just as vicious. A proverbial white knight with a high dose of kink, he’s been popular in the BDSM communities for years. Abused sub? Have Master Caden work with her. Your sub needs a heavier hand than your willing to dole out, so she can cry - ask Master Caden - he’s an expert with a whip. Need a hand with just about anything? Call Caden and he’ll be there. Sometimes he wonders if the only reason people friend him is for those white knight tendencies - and the fact he just can’t say no to a person in need. Quite the oxymoron for an in-demand dominant - but something about himself he’s begun to accept. And one of the reasons, he refuses to jump in bed with anyone he plays with. If a woman’s in his bed - it’s because she wants him - not just what he can offer her.

With the Fourth of July, right around the corner fireworks aren’t the only thing that is going to light up the night. Can Caden and Seraphina overcome the odds and end up together? Or will their personal demons drive them apart forever? 

Wolfen Bonds*
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Menage Romance
Series: The Wolfen Prophecies 
Publisher: Trace Imaginations
Word Count: 68,000


*this is a re-release of my Loose ID title, that Dakota got the rights back to when they closed up shop. The interior (story) is the same.  It just has a new shiny cover.


Matthias Galloway has been charged with bringing the once prosperous Taghte Pack back into the fold. In love, Matthias strikes up a deal with the Council of Elders for his services: he wants to claim his long time lover and friend, Andrew.

As the nephew of a powerful alpha, Andrew Gilchrist has long been a coveted commodity because of his services as a healer. But once the Council has agrees to Mathias’s terms, he finds himself finally free to claim the man he loves. Although neither expected the presence of a third-bond to appear during their mating.

With her twin brother, Colleen Donghall, was whisked away at birth. As the grandchildren of the slain alpha of the Taghte pack, they are kept hidden from those who would harm them. Raised in seclusion in Ireland, she’s never experienced lust let alone the bond between mates - until the night of lunar eclipse. Drawn into their passionate claiming, her dormant libido is finally awoken.

But it’s nothing compared to the lust and danger that will stalk her when she arrives in Scotland.

Note from author: this is a re-release of Wolfen Bonds. Only the cover has changed - the story remains the same.

Hands On
Genre: Erotic Romance/mf/BDSM
Series: Single on Valentine's Day
Publisher: Trace Imaginations
Word Count: 25,000 words



Single on Valentine’s Day. What a horrible thought – well not really as far as Seraphina Blackburn is concerned. It’s just another commercial holiday done up by jewelry and chocolate companies to sell tons of over-priced crap. She ought to know, considering she makes a living as a high-priced ad executive, who just finished a multi-million-dollar ad campaign for one of said companies. All she’s looking forward to this Valentine’s Day is her annual appointment with the professional dominant who will turn her bottom rosier than any dang valentine – no strings attached – particularly romantic ones. All she has to do is to arrange her date. The only thing stopping her is Caden King – her new sexier-than-hell-but-nearly-ten-years-younger-than-her’ assistant.

Caden King didn’t just graduate at the top of his class from Princeton for nothing. He might be starting out as some ice queen’s lackey, but he had the determination and the drive to make it to the top – including blatant eavesdropping when the opportunity arose. Much to his surprise, his frosty boss isn’t as bitchy as he originally assumed – just a bratty submissive who needs a firm hand to remind her of her place. While he might not be the boss at the work, in the bedroom he ruled. Seraphina was about to be educated about what happens to subs who ignore their own needs - with the help of Single Status, she was about to receive some hands-on training she’d never forget.

This Valentine's Day being single is all the rage. At least that's what the website, Single Status says and they're not trying to set you up with your special someone. But, instead, give you the time of your life. Sign up a family member, a friend or join yourself. Single Status will send an anonymous letter with details of an activity for the day.


Read stories from 13 of your favorite authors in this brand new Valentine's series. Follow characters as they receive instructions from Single Status and navigate their love lives in tales of varying degrees of romantic heat.