Excerpt from Benevolent Master

With Anissa safely tucked into bed with Mr. Giggles, Alyce shut off her daughter’s bedroom light and pulled the door almost shut. It was times like these she was grateful that she insisting on living in the cottage that her grandmother had left her, located at the edge of her family’s estate. While close enough to the main house to satisfy her mother, it was still far enough away to give her a semblance of privacy. And after today, she needed it. Making her way down the hall toward the living room and the waiting glass of sweet merlot, she sighed. If any day deserved a glass of her favorite wine, it was today. As she settled into her favorite armchair to watch the flames crackling in the fireplace, she winced. Her bottom was still sore. She still couldn’t believe she’d let a stranger spank her…

“You’re late. One would think that you’d be on time for something so important to your thesis. But do come in and shut the door.”

Freezing in the doorway, Alyce shivered at the husky timber of the man who stood in front of the windows, but obeyed. Then hesitantly walked over and stopped in front of his desk, her gaze hungrily devouring his presence. Dressed in a pair of chinos and teal polo shirt, stood the Dom who’d refused to let her into New Beginnings. She was almost taken aback by his casual attire. Gone were the leathers, and an aura of dominance he’d displayed at the club. Now, he emanated the slightest annoyed vibe along with a healthy dose of expectancy. He was waiting for her to explain - and his tone assured her it had better be a good one.

She licked her lower lip and rubbed her suddenly damp palms against her skirt. “I…should have left the college earlier, Sir. Then I wouldn’t have been stopped for speeding.”

His brows lowered. “You were speeding?”

She nodded, uncertain how to read him. If he had been Ozzie, she’d have tried to hide the tickets from him and scraped up enough out of her grocery allotment to pay them - rather than face the backside of his hand. Then she reminded herself, that this wasn’t her ex-husband, nor did he have the right to discipline her.

“That’s not an answer, Alyce.”

She sighed. “Yes, I was speeding. My last class ran over, then another student stopped me to ask me about our study group, and there was no way to extricate myself without appearing rude…”

“So it was okay to keep me waiting?” His expression showed nothing.

She shook her head, then quickly spoke. “No, Sir. It wasn’t.”

He moved toward his desk, his shrewd eyes studying her - almost assessing her. His look had the same intensity she’d noticed in the club. “Do you know what happens when submissives keep their Dominants waiting?”

Behind her bra, her nipples hardened at the combination of his steady gaze and tone. “I get…I mean they earn a previously agreed upon punishment. A spanking or loss of privileges. It would all depend upon their partner.”

He pulled the chair out, and she expected him to sit down. Instead, he pushed it clear of the desk and stood with his arms crossed over his broad chest. “Partners? Interesting word choice.”

She shifted uncomfortably. “Well, to me it doesn’t matter if it’s a Dom, sub, or a switch whatever. All parties involved going into an exchange play their role, but in the end they are partners. One submits, one dominates. You can’t have one without the other.”

“True. In today’s appointment what would you have said was my role? Am I playing the part of youth director, teacher or Dom?

She flushed, her mind whirling. “Ah, is this a trick question, Sir?”

“No, just tell me which role you see when you look at me, Alyce.”

She nibbled on her lip. “Honestly, a few minutes ago I’d have said youth director - but now…”

“Now?” He prompted when she froze, struggling to force the word past her suddenly tight throat.

“The Dominant, Sir,” she whispered.

“Good. And do you know what the dominant in me wants to do right now?”

Her thighs trembled and Alyce felt as if she were standing at the edge of a very high cliff. One wrong move would send her careening over the side and into the unknown.

“I don’t know, Sir. Spank me?”

He moved around the edge of the desk, stopping less than two feet from her as he considered his responses. “That would all depend on the reason for your late arrival. If it were due to circumstances my sub couldn’t control - like the accident out on the highway this morning, I’d give you a stern scolding about remembering to call me. However, I spank little submissives who are chronically late. It is very inconsiderate to make me wait when I’ve set aside time to spend with you.” He lightly brushed a finger over her cheek. “So which was today’s tardiness the result of?”

She tried to form a rational thought, but every part of her was focused on the feather light caress as he explored the side of her face. “I…the later, Sir.”

“Then if you were my submissive, you’ve find yourself bent over my desk, my palm warming your ass for making me wait.”

Tremors raced down her spine, and her knees felt suddenly weak as she met his gaze. In the hazel depths, she could see his conviction. “You’d spank me here? At your place of employment?”

“In a heartbeat, sweetheart. I don’t slack on my duties as a Dominant. I take them very seriously.” He cupped her chin, studying her expression. “You’re tempted, aren’t you? You’d like to find out how it would feel if I were take my disappointment out on your sweet ass, don’t you? To experience the phenomenon of taking a punishment then knowing everything is forgiven afterward, and we can continue on as before.”

Her heart leapt at his words. This was something she’d read of, had others tell her how their Doms had punished them and then the incident was forgiven. Could it honestly be true? That once the punishment was over, he wouldn’t pout or hold it over her head? If she wanted to find out, would he actually do it? And if he did, would he refuse to answer her questions later? She resisted the urge to lean into his palm, but kept her eyes steady on his. “If I say I am, will it affect the outcome of another meeting between us?”

He narrowed his eyes, but kept his tone calm. “Whether or not you let me spank your ass has no bearing on another meeting between us. Either way you will make another appointment with me. You intrigue me, Alyce with a Y. I want to learn more about you, and answer the questions that I see burning in your eyes. Whether or not you have a warm ass when you do will be your only decision today.”

“It’s my choice?”

“For today, yes. We have not negotiated a scene nor have we gone over your limits. Those will be done before I even dream of asking for your submission. This offer is nothing more than an experiment - a taste test of what a submissive feels when she disappoints her dom.”

“And if I do…” She couldn’t believe the words flew out of her mouth.

“Then you will bend over my desk, lift your skirt and bare that lovely ass for my hand.”

She bit her lip, her body warring with her mind. God she wanted it.

“What does here say, Alyce?” His palm of his other hand rested over her sternum. “Get out of your fucking head, and tell me what it wants.”

“To be spanked, Sir.”

His nostrils flared and desire heated his gaze as he stepped back. “Then assume the position, sweetheart.”

With trembling legs, she stumbled around his desk, aware of his comforting presence behind her. Grabbing the hem of her skirt, she jerked it up, exposing the delicate French lace panties she’d donned this morning, then gingerly lowered herself over the cool wood. And waited…
Alyce’s fingers tightened around the stem of her wine glass and she barely managed to stifle her moan at the remembered flare of pain his hand had caused. Each blow had resonated to a hidden part of her, even as her ass had burned. Each time his hand made contact, her body yearned for something more. More pain, more of his touch, more what? As desire simmered through her veins, her mind circled around the answer, trying to ignore the obvious.

The slick flesh and wet panties between my thighs.

“Damnit, this is about my thesis, not getting laid.” She took another sip of her wine. “I don’t do things like this.”