Excerpt for Lying: A Secret Baby Novella

She whimpered at the increased roughness as he rode out his pleasure. It was like a series of aftershocks as each motion sent another smaller explosion through her, until she was completely wrung out.

Finally, he slumped over her, his body hot and heavy against hers. She tugged weakly at the cotton belt holding her, wanting her hands free. “Sir?” Her voice came out as a croak.

“Hmmmm?” His face pillowed in the crook of her neck.

“Ummm, can you untie me now?” 

He lifted his head and blinked at her almost lazily. “Maybe. Depends.”

“On what?” She whispered. 

He ran a hand down her side. “If you plan on trying to leave my bed before morning.” 

She gave him a soft smile. “I can barely move.” 

“Then I guess it’s safe to untie you, huh?” He reached down between them as he slowly separated their bodies.  

She didn’t have time to mourn the loss of fullness. His low curse filled the room. 


“What?” She lifted her head in surprise. In his hand was what was left of the condom he’d worn.  

His gaze met hers. “The damned condom broke.” 

She sighed, leaning back against the pillow. “Well, I guess it’s a good thing we’re getting married, huh?” 

There was a pause, while he dealt with the remains of his protection before he freed her arms. Sitting next to her, he rubbed her wrists, inspecting them for bruises.   

She studied his closed expression. She wasn’t sure if the idea of her getting pregnant was repulsive to him or not. Doing a quick mental calculation in her head, she stilled. Please let me be wrong. She was just on the outside of her fertile time.  

“It should be okay.” She forced the words out of her mouth, even as a doubt began to build.  

He sighed, suddenly looking very tired. “Don’t get me wrong, Mina. I want to have kids with you – eventually. But I’d like to wait until we’ve been married for awhile.” 

She nodded as he stretched out next to her, pulling her close. “Of course.” 

But as she listened to his breathing even out when slumber claimed him, a small fear filled her. Please don’t let me be pregnant.