Healing Hark Excerpt

PG Excerpt:
Bryan paused as he pulled a load of laundry out of the dryer. He closed his eyes and prayed for patience as the doorbell echoed through the house a second time. He wasn't a hundred percent sure of this plan that Diachi and Olivia had come up with, but he had to trust his master. Setting the basket of laundry on top of the dryer, he left the laundry room and headed upstairs to answer the door. He'd taken the morning off at Diachi's insistence. He wanted Bryan to be the one to welcome Hark to their home.

“I can't believe I'm doing this.” But as he snagged the silk kimono off the hook next to the door and slipped it on, he knew he’d do almost anything his Master asked. Thankful the robe fell past his knees, he braced himself for the brisk wind as he opened the door. Winter in Chicago was no place for running around in a robe. But all thoughts left him as he took in the guy standing on his porch.

The huge behemoth of a man stood with his back to Bryan as he gazed out at the street. The long dark braid hanging between the man’s shoulder blades was like a thick line of black ink against the cream-colored leather jacket he wore. A pair of faded jeans cupped a spectacular ass and thick thighs before giving way to a pair of what looked to be handcrafted leather boots. He couldn’t stop the gasp that passed his lips. Of all things he'd expected, this wasn't it. Sure Diachi had told him Hark was a big man, but as the man turned at his sound, he hadn't been prepared for the reality of it. Sharp planes, a strong jaw, coupled with a nose that looked to have been broken in the past, and a pair of gray eyes that seemed to see everything were far from beautiful, but were captivating just the same. This was the man his lover wanted him to welcome into their home?

“Hello.” The man gazed at him steadily. “You must be Bryan? Olivia said you were expecting me?”

The deep timber of his voice stroked over Bryan and his dick stirred at the sound. What the hell? Get it together, Sterling. You are not lusting after this man. He crossed his arms over his chest, already at the defensive. Not because of the man in front of him, but his body’s reaction to him. “Yes. Mistress Olivia called the last night. You must be Harkahome?”

Hark nodded. “Hark, though, if you don’t mind. Only my mother and one previous master called me Harkahome.” Hark seemed to take in the kimono he wore. “There’s no need to fear me. I promise I have no designs on your body as attractive as it is. I may be a switch, but I don’t tread where I’m not welcome, so you can relax. I’m not going to jump you.”
Bryan’s arms dropped to his side, taken back at Hark’s bluntness. “Excuse me?”

Adult Excerpt:
“Pull your shirt up around your upper hips. I want to see that sexy ass of yours.”

Hark almost smiled as Bryan obeyed. Jerking the silk up, he bunched it around his waist, exposing the well rounded curves of his ass. It made Hark want to lean in and take a bite out of the luscious globes. But he resisted. This was for Bryan. He lightly slapped the nearest globe and watched as it jiggled from the blow. A low moan caught in his throat when Bryan arched back toward him.

“Good boy.” He moved away from the tempting sight and reached for one of Bryan's wrists. “I'm going to bind your hands. Which is more comfortable for you? Front or back?”

Bryan stilled. “Whichever pleases you, Sir.”

This time Hark couldn't retain the low growl that ripped free of him. “Dangerous ground, little one. You shouldn't tease me so.” He picked up the tie he'd dropped on the edge of the desk. “This’ll be the last time you will have any say until your 'centering' is done. Front or back?”

“Behind, Sir. I love the feeling of helplessness.” Bryan's cheeks flushed. “Also it keeps my hands away from my dick.”

Hark arched a brow at him. “Are you saying you're a naughty, disobedient little sub and jerk off without permission?”

Chewing on his lower lip, Bryan made a noise of assention, before speaking. “Sometimes.”

Hark rolled his eyes. “Oh, I bet that went over real well with your Master.”

A sheepish grin split Bryan's face. “Of course it didn't. When he realized I couldn't resist, I ended up wearing either thumb-less mittens or having my arms bound behind me.” He met Hark's gaze. “And with no mittens in sight, you should probably bind my hands, Sir.”

The idea that Bryan was trying to control the scene grated on Hark's nerves. His tone was sarcastic. “Are you topping from the bottom, sub?”

Bryan shook his head vehemently. “No, Sir. Just explaining.” His eyes dropped.

“Good.” Taking the tie, he looped it around one wrist, tugging into the position he wanted before snagging the other behind Bryan's back. Looping and twisting the tie, he completed the Lark’s Head knot with several inches of play between Bryan's wrists. “How's that?”

A frown furrowed Bryan's brow when he gave an experimental tug. “It's loose, Sir.”

“For the moment.” Hark landed a medium strength blow to Bryan's ass. He jerked hard, then gave a soft groan as the tie tightened around his wrists.

“Son of a bitch, Sir.” He sounded winded. “It's...” He seemed at lost how to explain it.

“Good?” Hark quickly checked the snugness of the tie, relieved it wasn't too tight now that Bryan's arms had returned to their original position. Much like a Chinese finger lock, pushing toward each other, the bonds stayed loose but pulling apart made them tighten. A quick press to each of Bryan's finger tips revealed the circulation was more than adequate. Satisfied with the bond, he widened Bryan's stance by kicking his legs out a few inches. He hissed as it put not only Bryan's lush bottom on display but also gave Hark a clear view of Bryan's sack. Full, it seemed to hang nearly half way down his thigh. Light blond hair covered it and Hark had the sudden insane urge to feel the roughed skin against his lips.

Not now. Not ever. Get those damned thoughts out of your head, Akula.