Earthling Touch
(a sci-fi erotic short)

Orbiting Venus, 2122 

Gaya Lewis couldn't believe she was finally escaping her boring life on Earth. Ever since the King of Venus had opened negotiations with Earth for her salt water, she’d longed to visit the planet. Filled with magic-wielding beings, they came in peace offering tricatanuim, a plentiful self-renewing energy source in exchange for sodium chloride, a mineral needed to help grow their primary crops. She, like many other Earthlings, had been glued to the television set as the first Venusian had set foot on Earth’s soil. Her first glimpse of them on the small 17 inch screen in her tiny flat had sent her libido soaring. Taller than the average human, they did not resemble some weird egg-shaped extraterrestrials. Instead, they were like sleek jungle cats on steroids - massive and muscular in a way that made her inner thighs clench. 

Aroused by her thoughts she shifted in the uncomfortable shuttle seat, but perked up as the pilot's deep baritone announced they would be landing soon. Brushing her hand over her perpetually messy blonde hair, she tried to contain her excitement. Soon she would arrive at her destination - a venture on which she’d spent every last dime of her savings to arrange. As the hazy clouds shielding the capital of Venus from view floated by the shuttle window, she took a deep breath. This had to work. Her life would make a turn for the better. A new job, a new world, and perhaps a new lover awaited her on the surface. She couldn’t wait to start a new adventure. 

A few minutes later, there was a soft thud as the space shuttle landed on a paved runway, not all that different from its Earthly cousin. Gripping the arm rests, she waited with bated breath as the shuttle taxied up to a huge gray building. Surprisingly it didn’t take long for the few passengers to unload – after all there were only twenty people on her shuttle – most of them tourists. 

Tugging her carry-on bag over her shoulder, Gaya walked down a narrow hall towards the common area. She was surprised to see her name on a placard as she stepped into the large airy room. A tall, attractive woman held it while scanning the crowd of disembarking passengers. She didn’t look like a woman who worked in a lab to Gaya. Her luscious long dark hair brushed elegant shoulders, while the woman wore a dress which would’ve been more at home in a high class brunch than standing waiting in a crowded spaceport. Damn, maybe I won’t find a lover here if all the women look like this one. The woman could’ve posed for a “V’s Secrets’’ ad without any problem. Shoving her unease aside, she stopped in front of her, feeling small next to the statuesque figure. 

“That's me.” She smiled tentatively before holding out her hand. “Gaya Lewis.”

The woman stared at her outstretched hand until Gaya was ready to apologize for offending her with such an earthly custom. She let her hand drop before rubbing her damp palm on the leg of her jeans. “I…ah…” 

The woman shifted before finally speaking. “I’m Dzana de’ Sathal, cousin to Charles, the King of Sandova and...” Her dimples flashed as she smiled. “…one of his biggest pains in the ass. That is when I’m not trying to manage my brother’s paperwork at the lab.”

Gaya’s jaw dropped. Had the woman just boasted about being some King’s nuisance? “Ummm,” she stammered, not entirely sure how to respond to the woman in front of her.

Dzana smiled. “Relax, you’ll get used to me. I’ll be working in the same office as you at Triala Medical. You can help me torture our boss. He needs us to keep him on his toes.” She hooked an arm through Gaya’s, before leading her towards the baggage claim. “But first we have to get your stuff and I’ll take you to your new lodging.” 

“Ahh…thanks?” Gaya trailed along after the woman, watching as others moved out of the way. The woman was a force of nature all by herself.

* * * * 

After showing Gaya her new apartment and leaving their new employee to settle in, Dzana returned to the office. Walking briskly into her brother’s inner sanctum – a high tech lab, she went in search of him. As usual she found him hunched over a mass spectrometer, peering into its mechanisms. She softly called out his name, knowing when he was absorbed as he was now, it would be easy to startle him. 


“Hmmm…” He jotted something down on the e-tablet next to him before turning back to the instrument in front of him. His response was normal, as he ignored over ninety five percent of all interruptions. 

“You told me to let you know when I picked up the new lab tech.” She couldn’t help but giggle as his head flew up, a lock of ebony hair falling in his eyes. Annoyance filled them as he pushed it back impatiently.

“Where is she?” He looked behind her, slowly unfolding his tall frame from behind the workstation. “I needed her here several days ago. I don’t know what took her so long. It was stated clearly on the application that I needed someone immediately. This project just can’t wait for…”

Dzana’s hands flew to her hips. “Anaru Gaston de’Sathal that is enough. You are a grown man, not a two year old. The woman had to put her affairs in order on Earth before moving here. You need to learn some patience.” For a moment he stared at her - she even thought he might pout. 

“Fine. When will she be reporting for duty?” 

She patted his hand. “Tomorrow.” Hearing the console in the outer office chirp, she sighed. “Are you sure she’s the right one? She’ll be the first earthling to work on Venus.” 

"She's a highly qualified lab tech, Dzana. I need one from Earth to help me manipulate the new chloride samples which their government’s Scientific Engineering sent over. She was hired for that purpose alone.” He sat back down. “I have my own work to do.” 

She sighed. Sometimes she didn’t know what she was going to do with her socially awkward brother. She hoped Gaya had a thick skin. Anaru had a long list of short-lived techs, and she’d hate to see Gaya’s name added. 

* * * * 

Gaya arrived at work the next morning filled with anticipation but dragging because of the erotic dreams which had tormented her all night. Evidently she’d been neglecting her sex life for so long her body was rebelling. Being chosen to work on this project as the first Earthling to design applications for the chloride the Venusians had harvested from her home world was quite the feather for her cap, and she couldn’t allow her libido to interfere. As the security guard escorted her from the lobby into the laboratory section of the building, Gaya was happy to see Dzana sitting behind a desk. The woman looked up. Like yesterday, she was turned out so perfectly, Gaya felt like a sparrow in the room with a peacock, in her comfortable slacks, blouse and lab coat. 

After clicking a few buttons on the console in front of her Dzana rose, greeting Gaya.

“That will be all be all, Sharden – you can head back to the lobby. Thank you for escorting Ms. Lewis to me.” She dismissed the guard with a wave of her hand and a smile. “Good morning, Gaya. I trust you settled in well? Our heat didn’t keep you up did it? I know our climate is much warmer than you’re probably used to.”

Trying not to think about another kind of heat…the kind her dreams generated Gaya shrugged. “I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time. I lived in the Southwest and hundred-degree weather was the norm for the summer months.” She looked around the office, seeing nothing much different in this office compared to her last one. “So what do you have for my first day? Paperwork?” 

Dzana shook her head. “Not really. All the paperwork needed has been filled out by your government. As a visitor to our world, you aren’t expected to pay taxes on your income – although there is a percentage taken out of your pay for the upkeep of our planetary shield from the sun. Without it we’d all be a little too toasty.” 

Gaya smiled. “Of course. I wouldn’t want to French fry. From the packet I read, there is a team of wizards who are employed to renew the shield on a daily basis?” 

Dzana nodded. “Yes …” A man with shoulder length dark hair, muttering at the electronic tablet in his hands, entered the room. He was using a stylus to scribble on it. Without looking up as he walked by the two women, he asked Dzana to inform him when his tech arrived. The lab door snapped shut behind him. 

“Oblivious much?” Gaya covered her mouth with her hand. I can’t believe I just said that

Instead of being angry as she’d expected, Dzana laughed heartily. “Only when it has to do with work – I hope to all that is great when my brother finds his chosen mate, she is either understanding or in the same field as him. Otherwise it’s going to be a very unhappy pairing.” Picking up a key card, she handed it to Gaya. “This is your access card to the lab. If you'll follow me, I'll show you the station where you’ll be working.” 

* * * * 

Sitting behind his desk, Anaru scowled at the report in front of him. The test results he was seeing couldn’t be right. Either his last lab tech was an incompetent fool, or there was something off with the most recent samples sent from Earth. This newest batch from the Northern Atlantic site should’ve shown better results than this. He raked a hand through his hair. It’s probably that idiot I fired last month’s fault. Please let the new hire from Earth be more competent. 

The whoosh of the lab door opening followed by his sister’s voice sent shards of irritation through him. As if the mess in front of him, or the damned wet dreams he kept having weren’t enough, he now had to deal with his sister’s bubbly personality. Even though he loved her dearly, he wanted nothing more than to bar the doors to the lab so he could have some peace and quiet. Too bad I can’t do the same with my damned dick. The fucking thing just wouldn’t stay down no matter what he did. 

“Here’s where you’ll be working…” Anaru’s opinion of his sister’s presence did a complete one-eighty as he realized his lab tech had finally arrived. He’d try not to snap at her, but damnit the tech was supposed to have been here the week before. Moments later, she came into view – leading a woman with long blonde hair piled upon her head in a messy top-knot and tortoiseshell framed glasses perched on her button nose. 

He stilled as something stirred inside of him – something he’d scoffed at for many years. Without even being able to see what he was sure was a lush figure behind the white lab coat, not only had his cock taken notice of the lovely creature in front of him, but his sentient being stood at attention and screamed ‘mine’ inside his head. Grabbing at the ledge of the lab bench, he fought to control the rioting emotions inside. He’d never been any good at this kind of thing and now he had a TrueMate. This sucked. 

He slowly rose as Dzana brought the woman closer. “Gaya, this is Anaru de’Sathal, my younger, sometimes oblivious, brother. He’s the person in charge of our Chloride Solutions Department. Small as it may be.” His sister turned and shot him a familiar look – the one which warned him to play nice or there’d be hell to pay. “Anaru, this is Gaya Lewis and you will give her time to adjust to our ways before you claim her.” With that being said, she spun on her heel leaving a stunned Anaru staring off after her. Then her implication set in and he froze. But only for a moment as without a backward glance at the bewildered woman staring at them both, he ran after his sister - panic riding him hard. Catching Dzana’s arm just before she entered the outer sanctum of her office, he jerked her to a stop. 

“What is your problem, Anaru?” She jerked her arm away. “How many times have I had to tell you not to grab at me like that?” 

Trying to calm his panic, he opened his mouth but nothing came out. The irate expression on her face soothed out as she stared at him, before finally, slowly taking pity on him. “Yes, she’s your Chosen. I dreamt about it about the time you were going through the selection process. Then it was confirmed last night after I met her. I had another dream.”

He licked his lower lip. “Why didn’t you tell me…” 

She smiled before cupping his cheek. “Because you, my darling brother, would’ve ran as far and as fast as you could to avoid her.” 

Shifting, he avoided her gaze, but knew she was right. He’d have locked himself into his home office like the chicken he was. He finally couldn’t help but blurt out, “What do I do?” 

Dzana sighed before turning away then sitting down. “Every claiming is different, brother, you know that. Be true to yourself and all will be well.” 

He raked his hand through his already tousled locks. “Great. We know how well that will work out. She’ll run screaming from the room.” 

She squeezed his shoulder. “Have faith. The Great One wouldn’t choose her for you if she wasn’t meant for you.” 

Nodding, he took several deep breaths before heading back to his lab and a waiting Gaya. 

* * * * 

Gaya nearly whimpered when Anaru reentered the lab, his long strides easily eating up the distance between them. Now that she’d gotten a good look at him, she recognized him. He was the magnificent man from her dreams. Standing even taller than Dzana, they shared the same ebony hair and golden hued skin, but while his sister’s eyes were blue - his gleamed like polished silver. They sent a wave of desire flooding her panties. Her cheeks flushed when Anaru lifted his head as if scenting the air. She almost convinced herself he couldn’t smell her desire until a low growl escaped him. Stepping back, she stopped as her bottom hit the lab bench behind her. She had nowhere to go, no way to escape the intense almost feral need radiating off him. 

He sniffed once more before holding his hand up in a placating manner. “Gaya, is it?” 

“Yeah.” She cursed as her answer came out in a squeak. Edging around him, she gave him the same extra space she’d give a wild animal at home. Like the predator she was mentally comparing him with, his gaze shifted to follow her. “So…where do you want me to start? From my understanding, this project is of the utmost importance.” 

She held her breath as he seemed to relax. His eyes were no less devouring, but his body seemed less tense, as if he wasn’t ready to pounce at her slightest movement. “Yes. I’ve been charged with finding the answer to our ganja crop failures. My research has shown that your salt water might be the cure to our serious problem.” He moved aside. “Why don’t you come this way? I’ll show you your private work station and we’ll get started.” She hesitantly followed him as he moved towards a large, clean work area just adjacent of his. 

Sliding into the chair he held out for her, she tried to ignore the fissure of awareness skating down her spine as his hand brushed her shoulder. It isn’t wise to be lusting after your boss, Gaya. Get a grip. But she couldn’t help but wonder how his firm lips would feel against her skin, or if he’d hoist her thighs over his wide shoulders as he ate her. 

“Let me show you what techniques we are using.” His words forced her attention away from his mouth so close to hers as he bent over the desk to access the computer in front of her. As reports filled the screen, she took a deep breath, inhaling his scent. It was reminiscent of her favorite Anise candy. She nibbled on the inside of her lip to keep from taking a bite out of the luscious length of his neck. It was going to be a long day. She was so finding the nearest establishment that qualified as a bar, and finding some hunky alien to fuck her ‘eight ways from straight’ before she did something stupid like jumping her new boss. Maybe Dzana can tell me…

When he repeated her name twice, Gaya jerked out of her thoughts. “I’m sorry, I have a hard time concentrating when I’m ho....” She mentally slapped herself. She couldn’t tell her boss she was distracted because she was horny enough to mount the first guy who looked at her twice.

He turned to look at her, his silver eyes burning. His tongue traced his lower lip. “Did you know my race is very sexual? That we can feel our chosen mate’s arousal as if it were our own? Or that it causes our normal sexual desire to triple?”

She shook her head even as her pussy flooded her panties. Behind her lab coat and blouse, her nipples went diamond hard. 

“Well, you’re going to find out how it is, if you don’t stop broadcasting, Gaya.” He leaned closer, nuzzling her ear. “I’m trying to be good here and not rush this, but if I hear another misguided thought about finding another to satisfy your needs, I’m going to take you right here - right now - screw my promise to my sister about giving you time.” 

“Time?” She was barely able to force the word past the overwhelming desire choking her. When his tongue laved over her right ear lobe, she nearly melted into her chair. 

“Yes, time, braska – my little one.” He released her with a suddenness which made her head spin. “Time for us to work and time for you to behave.” Shaking a finger at her, he gave her a rueful smile. “No more naughty thoughts at work, Ms. Lewis. Unless you want our first joining to be across this laboratory work bench.”

Her breath caught. The idea of it was tempting but she couldn’t do this at work. “I…”

He gave her a rueful smile. “Have dinner with me tonight, braska. I’ll answer your questions. We can even go out to eat if you’re worried about being alone with me.” 

Did she dare? Even as she wondered about the consequences of dating her boss, she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist his offer. “All right.” 

* * * *

By quitting time, Anaru was ready to spontaneously combust. He was ready to bend Gaya over the nearest desk, his promise be damned. While she’d toned down her thoughts, he could still see the need in her gaze when she thought he wasn’t looking. Each caress of her expressive blue eyes felt like nimble fingers stroking over his skin – especially along the sides of his cock. How I’m going to survive taking her to dinner and not fucking her across the table for all to see… A low feminine moan from across the lab sent fire burning around each of his nerve endings. The mating ritual of his kind was progressing faster than he had thought possible. 

Even as his analytical mind tried to determine why Gaya was able to receive his thoughts when a woman of his own race wouldn’t be able to until after their physical claiming. Anaru concentration was being distracted by the image of Gaya bent over a table at some crowded diner. Tightening his fingers around the test tube in his hand, he fought off the need to take his chosen mate. “Gaya, please….” He searched her out, only to see she was in no better shape than he was. 

Leaning against the lab table, her chest was rising and falling rapidly. Her eyes were glazed while he could see the hardened nubs of her nipples poking against her blouse. Her lab coat which had been abandoned earlier in the day, had masked her body’s response the first time, but now it was blatant. “Anaru…I’m not…I don’t know how to control this…” She spun around so her back was to him. He watched as she braced her arms against the ceramic bench top. 

Protective instincts he’d never experienced in his life towards a woman who wasn’t family roared to life. His power awoke and reached for her before he could stop it. All it knew was its mate was suffering and that was unacceptable. Tendrils of it reached out to ease her obvious need. Her sob of relief reached his ears as his magic found her most intimate of places. He groaned as she bowed towards the roving but invisible fingers. He could almost feel the hardness of her nipples against his palms, and her desire soaking his fingers as his power found its way inside of her womanhood. 

“Oh, My God!” Her harsh breathing filled the room along with the scent of her desire. Her body trembled under the onslaught of his greedily licking power. 

Only by clenching his fists tightly against the feel of his chosen for the first time did he manage to stay where he was. “Let go, braska, let me feel your pleasure.” The glass flask in his hand shattered as she did as he asked. 

Her burning pleasure thrummed along their connection. Hissing, he shook under the pressure of her desire and his own. Unable to control himself, he allowed the tension to build along the thread of power connecting them. He projected the thought of her straddling him, of her taking him deep into her core. Her answering mewing and bucking hips sent images of her riding him hard, her beautiful little breasts tipped by raspberry-hued nipples bouncing. More than anything he want to lick, nibble and suck on them. He needed to feel the hard little berries as he fluttered his tongue against them. 

“….I can feel…” 

Her hands lifted towards her chest and he couldn’t stop the order from passing his lips. “Turn around. Don’t hide from me, from this...from us.” A growl built in his chest when she did as requested. The sight of her hands cupping the pert mounds made him want to replace them with his own. As she gasped at the ghost-like feel of his hands along the curves of her chest, he pressed a hand against the aching rod in his pants. He resisted the urge to pull it out and stroke his hand over the straining length. 

“Do it. Please…” Her eyes met his as her fingers bunched up her skirt. Her fingers dipped under the cloth, searching for what he was sure was nirvana. His fingers toyed with the tab on his pants, tempted beyond belief. 

“We can’t...” he said, only then remembering the cameras stationed in the lab. “The cameras...” 

She froze and a low moan of dismay escaped her before she slumped against the lab table. “I…I’ll be right back.” She moved as if to leave. 

“You won’t make it to the door, braska. You have to pass me to leave and…” He tried to calm his racing heart. “I’m too close to the edge, so unless you want our claiming to be taped…” He drew a ragged breath as he shook his head. “Let me take care of you. There’s no sound on the cameras. Keep your back to them and I’ll send you flying.” Relief filled him after she contemplated him before nodding her acquiescence. 

“I ache, Anaru. Please.” 

He nodded. “I will. Trust me. Let me make you come undone.” Another wave of power reached across the room to tug at the tips of her breasts. Her head tipped back as she whimpered ‘Yes’. The site of her exposed neck with its hollow where he wanted so badly to place his mating mark shattered his control. His power surged, peaking as it latched onto her clit and nipples to tug hard. She screamed in pleasured agony, and it started a fast, pounding rhythm against her trapped flesh. As she climbed higher, he groaned. Aw, fuck, I’m gonna lose it, was his last thought before pleasure denoted in his balls. His curse met her scream as he dragged her over the edge with him. All around them chaos erupted as glassware shattered and equipment overturned.

When he finally came back to senses, his heart leapt in his chest. Across the room, his chosen was curled up on the floor trembling. What the fuck! Stumbling across the room on shaking legs, he dropped to his knees uncaring of the debris littering the floor. Evidently his power had gone haywire at the end causing the lab to look like an Earthling tornado had ripped through it. 

“Gaya, braska, please open your eyes for me.” He brushed a strand of hair away from her moist cheek. Flushed, he could see the trails of drying tears. “Please tell me I didn’t hurt you. I’m such an incompetent idiot when it comes to stuff like this.” He raked his hand through his hair, at a loss about how to handle the situation. Give him glass tubes, a spectrascope and data charts and he was in his element. He didn’t know how to deal with a mate.

A soft sigh was his only warning before Gaya’s beautiful blue eyes opened. “Wow.” She lifted one hand, tracing the side of his face with gentle but unsteady fingers. “If that’s what being with you is like from across the room, I’m going to self-combust before we even make it to a bed.” 

Cupping her head with a palm, he gave her a slow smile. “You mean you still want to go have dinner with me so I can explain about Chosens? I haven’t totally fucked this up? I’m such a…”

She pressed her finger over his lips. “I’m willing to do anything to have a repeat performance. That is the most intense orgasm I’ve had in my life.” Her smile faded. “I don’t know what’s going on, but it feels so right I can’t walk away from it. It’s more than sex. I need to be near you. I want to experience everything I can at your hands and from your mind.”

He nuzzled her fingertips. “As do I.” Glancing up at the clock, he helped her to her feet. “Let’s go.” 

She arched an eyebrow as she soothed down her skirt. “You sure I won’t get in trouble with my boss for leaving early? According to Dzana, he’s a real taskmaster.” 

He chuckled. “No, I have it on highest authority he has a soft spot for you.” He held out his arm. “Shall we?”


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