Analise's Journey: Episode 10 Excerpt

Stepping onto the “L” with Lena, Analise was distracted. It’d been nearly a week since her blow up with the guys. Despite talking to Liam on the phone and seeing Grim in passing at work, she hadn’t been in the presence of both men since she’d asked them to leave. It seemed as if there was an ever-widening chasm between them, and damned if she knew how to cross it. 

“You know I’m really getting tired of seeing that expression on your face, Ani. You’re going to have to forgive them sometime soon if you want to continue as their submissive.” Standing next to her, Lena clung to one of the overhead straps while balancing her table against her thigh with the other. Today, her friend wore her hair in some kind of elaborate twist, while the dove gray pants suit accented her curvy figure. 

Focusing on her friend, she sighed. “So I’m just supposed to forget the fact they rejected my offer because they thought I was being vindictive?” She gave a mirthless laugh. “Sorry to disappoint you, but this is more than hurt feelings. They’ve asked me to trust them, but last week showed they don’t trust me to know what I want. I’m sorry but that is a hard pill to swallow.” 

“So what are you going to do?” Lena asked, swaying with the motion of the car. “Break it off with them?” 

Tears burned the back of Analise’s eyes. “I don’t think I can. I’m stuck. I can’t go forward but nor can I go back. I love the feeling of giving over to them, but I don’t know if I can keep doing it.” 

Lena let go of the handle as they came to a stop at the next station. She placed it on Analise’s shoulder. “Then I say you have some soul searching to do. Why don’t you take Mason up on his offer? A weekend away from the city might just be good for what ails you. You’re a country girl. Go out and commune with nature. Perhaps it will clear your mind - show you the path you need to take."

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