Analise's Journey, Episode 9 Excerpt

Rubbing her palms over the outside of the soft leather leggings, which Master and Sir had insisted she had to wear, Analise hoped she was ready for this. Sitting between them on the bench seat of Sir’s truck, she didn’t have time for second thoughts, as Sir maneuvered the truck into a half-full lot surrounded by chain link fence. 

Looking around her, she clung to Master’s hand, taking comfort from his overwhelming masculine presence. His steady strength and the look of concern on Grim’s face were only part of the reason she wanted the men to become her lovers tonight. But first I have to get through our outing, before taking them back to my place and offering myself on a silver platter. But it was going to be easier thought than done. 

“Are you sure I’m ready for this, Master?” She wet her lips taking in the huge building in front of them. Tall, dark, and imposing, she never would’ve guessed there was a sex club within its dark confines. Sir had told her that Olivia, the owner and head Domme, had purchased a run-down building in the Near North area, and turned it into one of the premier BDSM clubs in all of Chicagoland. 

“Of course.” Liam lifted her hand to his lips. “I wouldn’t bring you here if I didn’t think you were ready. Didn’t you impress Grim just this morning with your training?” 

A flush crossed her cheeks at his reminder. She remembered waking this morning to find herself surrounded by warm masculine bodies, and their husky voices speaking over her head. The feel of their erections against her ass and stomach had been hot, but not nearly as hot as what had happened once they’d realized she was awake. The image of Grim on his knees, his mouth swallowing Liam’s cock was burned into her brain. But it paled compared to the moment when Master had urged her to join them. The approval in Grim’s eyes, as she sank to her knees next to him, was hard to forget as she got her first lesson in how to deep throat their Master. Even now she could still taste his tartness against her tongue. 

“Yes, Master.” She gasped as Grim’s hand slid over her thigh, kneading the muscle. 

“However, before we take you in, we have a couple things to take care of.” Grim’s hand left her knee. “You know we’ve taken you as our sub, but have been taking things slowly, so we haven’t placed a collar around your lovely little neck, other than the one Master likes to use during training. Part of it was because we didn’t want to rush you.” 

Her heart banged in her chest at the mention of a collar. In the dim light, she could see the heavy black leather one which adorned Grim’s neck. She’d watched earlier in the evening in fascination, when Liam had ordered Grim to bring it to him. Tears had burned her eyes when Grim dropped to his knees to allow Master to place it around his throat. She’d never seen anything as emotionally charged, as witnessing Grim give up his control to the other man, by accepting such a symbolic item. It was at that moment she longed for her own collar, but knew as a sub, it wasn’t her place to ask. It was an item which had to be freely given from Dom to sub. Or in my case from Doms. 

“While Grim was in Atlanta, I had him stop by a shop down there that specializes in BDSM gear.” Liam added, bringing her out of her thoughts. 

“You did?” She licked her lips, trying to imagine Grim in a shop filled with lots of leather and sex toys. “Did he have you pick up some kinky toy, Sir?” 

Grim shook his head. “No.” 

“Look at me, Analise.” The tone in Liam’s voice had her head swiveled to look at Liam. “It’s the same shop where I had Grim’s collar made. I have a friend who happens to work out of that shop. He’s a master leather worker.” His fingers trailed over her collarbone. “And I asked him to make a collar for you.” 

Her heart nearly exploded. “You did?”

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