Analise's Journey, Episode 8 Excerpt

Taking a deep breath, she focused on slowly but smoothly straightening, keeping her movements liquid as Master and Sir had insisted upon. When she was finally upright, her thighs splayed until her pussy was visible to her master and her hands palm up on top of her thighs, she turned her head to the left. Lucky for her, Liam had chosen to take up a position on her left side. She could see him, or at least his legs, as she kept her head up but eyes lowered. He was leaning against the wall of his and Grim’s playroom. It was the same place that all of her previous training in the past two weeks had been held. Gazing around the room, she found herself just as intrigued as she’d been the first time she’d entered. 

“Beautiful, Analise. You’re almost as graceful as Grim.” 

She beamed with pleasure. The first time she’d witnessed Grim execute the position, she’d been awed and figured she’d never be half as graceful as her Sir. So the unexpected praise sank deep into her soul. 

“Thank you, Master. I’ve been practicing at home as you suggested.” 

“Grim will be pleased when he returns from his business trip.” 

“I hope so Master. I miss him.” The phone calls and texts had been great, but she found herself lonely without him, even when she was with Liam. Not that her master wasn’t good company. He was. It just seemed like part of her was missing. 

“As do I. The phone calls aren’t enough. There are times I’d like to choke his uncle for sending him out of town on business so often. But this,” he gestured to her, “…will be a wonderful surprise for tomorrow night. You were able to get the day off?” 

“Yes, Master. Mr. Sneezeclod didn’t have an issue with me having a personal day.” 

“Good. I was concerned with you only being there 60 days whether or not he’d give you the time off.” 

She shook her head. “I work hard for him, Master, and haven’t called in sick once or been late.” 

“Yes, you’re very punctual…which makes me very happy.” He pushed off the door and approached her. “Unlike my inamorato, who’d be late to his own funeral, you arrive on time, every time. Speaking of him, I promised I’d call him tonight, and it’s nearly time.” Her breath caught as he crouched down next to her. “So I do believe our training is done for the night, Analise.” 

“Yes, Master. I’ll go and get dressed now, so I don’t interrupt your call.” She tried to keep the frustration out of her voice as she stood, but knew she’d failed when Liam sighed and straightened up next to her. Not waiting for his answer, she slipped out of the playroom, tuning out his voice as he tried to call her back. Heading to the front of the house, where her clothes were neatly folded, she fought the tears. She was trying not to be needy, but she wasn’t ready to go home to her empty, lonely apartment. It seemed like their training got shorter each time she’d come over since Sir’s absence. She wasn’t sure if she’d done something wrong or not. Or perhaps Liam wasn’t comfortable with it just being her and him. 

She was reaching for her underwear when she felt him behind her. She was tempted to ignore his presence. In fact she’d moved to slip the panties over her feet, when the crack of his palm against her ass made a loud sound in the quiet foyer, and heat spread across her bottom. 

“Ouch!” She straightened in surprise, her hand going to the sore spot. She turned to look at Liam, but found herself pushed face down over the small table where her clothing was sitting. She didn’t struggle as he pinned her in place, with a hand on the middle of her back. “Master?” 

“Did I tell you our scene was over, submissive?” His tone was hard, even as she felt the heat of his body against hers. 

“You said training was over tonight, so I assumed it was time for me to get dressed and go.” 

“Why would you think that? If I wanted to take you home I would have said so.” He rubbed his hand over her bottom, igniting a fire low in the pit of her belly. She stifled her whimper as she pushed up against his hand. It was always like this. Didn’t matter if it was Liam or Grim, her body responded to both her Master and Sir, at the slightest brush of either one of their fingers. 

“I’m waiting for an answer, Analise.” He reminded her, squeezing her flesh with his hand. “Why did you think it was time to leave?” 

“Because it has been every other time. You train me for however long, say that we are done, and then send me home with nothing more than a kiss on the forehead, Liam. Forgive me if I didn’t think this time would be any different.” She didn’t know what had come over her, but by the time she’d finished answering him, she was pissed. She wanted more than just training from Liam. She wanted what they’d promised. The three of them together, loving one another. 

She hissed as his hand landed again on her bottom. “But I did not say our scene was over, Analise. Just that the training was done for the night. I have plans for this luscious body, while you talk to Grim on the phone.” He leaned in, his lips brushing her ear. “So you can either apologize now and get your punishment out of the way before our phone call, or he can listen to me punish you - instead of listening to your pleas for release.”

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