Analise's Journey, Episode 7 Excerpt

After a meal of the most delicious tasting chicken cacciatore she’d ever tasted, Analise found herself standing next to Liam as they hand- washed the dishes. She was surprised at the easy camaraderie that had cropped up between them during the meal. While Grim seemed to be the more animated of the two men, she’d found that Liam had a wicked sense of humor that came out more than once during their meal. In fact, he’d regaled both her and Grim with stories of a recent trip to one of the local elementary schools. 

“I can’t believe you donate your time like that.” Analise reached for one of the wine flutes they’d used, drying it with the potato sack cloth, Liam had given her. 

“Even kiddos need to know how to stay safe on the Internet, Analise. We’re now in a technological era. They are teaching children in third grade how to use the computer. The idea that some freak or predator might prey on them, had me approaching my boss at the college about coming up with a course set up for young students.” A grin tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Imagine my surprise when he not only agreed to it - but put me in charge of it.” 

“Well, I would imagine as a teacher you’re comfortable with kids…” 

He chuckled. “Let me tell you a room full of super genius smart-assed college kids are nothing like the third graders I taught a few weeks ago. In fact, the third graders are easier. I don’t have to prove myself to them.” He handed her a plate, their fingers brushing across the slippery surface. 

She pushed aside the familiar tingle, not wanting her body’s desire for him, to distract her. She was enjoying the relaxed Liam nearly as much as the dominating one she’d glimpsed in her office. She’d never imagined she’d catch him up to his elbows in suds doing something as domesticated as washing dishes. 

“I can so see you having to go cave man on some of them, if they are anything like some of the tech guys I met at U. of I. Brilliant minds but even bigger egos. And don’t even get me started on the women techs I’ve met. Not that they are all like that. My roommate in school was a computer science major and she was cool.” She dried the plate before setting it on the counter next to her. 

“That about sums it up.” He agreed, handing her another plate. “No matter how many classes I teach, there is always one student every term who thinks they know more than me, but as a whole they are a good bunch. Eager to learn.” 

“Learn what?” Grim appeared behind them, a mischievous look in his blue eyes. 

“Not what you’re thinking, Grimwell. Get your mind out of the gutter. Analise and I were talking about the smart-asses I teach.” He turned to Analise. “I’ll have to warn you, he’s friskier than a pup at times, when it comes to sex. He sees it everywhere.” 

Analise giggled, glancing at the approaching Grim. “I’d have never guessed.” 

“Hey, I might resemble that remark.” Grim joined them at the counter, taking the dried dishes, which Analise had neatly stacked on the counter, and began putting them away. “Almost done?” 

Liam rolled his eyes. “Down boy. We’re getting there. Only a few more to go.” 

Analise couldn’t help it. She burst out laughing. She’d never laughed as much with a man, let alone two, as she had tonight. Grim and Liam were perfect foils for each other. 

Grim shook his head. “Just you wait, Analise. You won’t be laughing when he’s driving you out of your mind with pleasure, and then says some variation of that when all you want to do is cum.” 

Just like that the easy camaraderie they’d fostered died and tension seeped back into the room. Her nipples tightened against her bra and the flesh between her thighs quivered. 

“Good going, inamorato. Just when I had her relaxed, you had to go and bring sex back into it.” Liam sighed dramatically. “I guess I’m going to have to take you to task for that later.” He gave Analise a reluctant grin. “I told you he was obsessed with sex. There will be no sex until everyone is willing and we’ve had our discussion. And for Mr. Horndog here…maybe not even then.” 

Another bubble of laughter slipped free of Analise. She relaxed once more as Liam handed her the final plate. Accepting it, she dried it quickly before passing it to a pouting Grim, which only sent another wave of humor through her. “Don’t worry, Grim. I doubt he’ll go too hard on you.” 

Grim gave a mock-whine. “But what if I want him to go hard on me?” 

She shook her head. “You’re absolutely incorrigible, Sir.” 

His eyes darkened. “Of course I am.” 


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