Analise's Journey - Episode 4 Excerpt

The brisk knock at the door drug Analise out of a dead sleep. Rolling over, she squinted at the blurry clock next to her bed. Her head felt like it was filled with fuzz but it had nothing to do with the two drinks she’d had the night before. No, it had to do with the fact that she’d spent half the night tossing and turning because of Grim and his lover, Liam. Unused to being the sole focus of two attractive but unavailable men, had be unsettling to say the least, and after a tension filled ride home with both men, she’d taken matters into her own hands. She’d spent half the night trying to appease the ache the men had roused in her. Of course, it hadn’t helped that she wasn’t sure what she ached for, so now her poor little clit still felt swollen from her abuse in her quest to find relief. 


She groaned. Whoever was at the door, she was gonna kill them, it wasn’t even seven and it felt like she’d just gone to sleep. The bright sunshine spilling through her bedroom hurt her eyes. Stumbling out of bed as the sadist on the other side of the door continued to rap on it, she shoved her arms into her short robe. A stifled gasp passed her lips as the silk rasped over her sore nipples. She had abused more than her sex last night in her efforts to find release. She was just tying the robe shut when the person obviously gave up, but pissed she yanked it open ready to give the person a piece of her mind. 

“What the fuck are you doing…you’re insane…it’s fucking six-thirty on a Saturday morning.” She snapped at the retreating back. Swinging back around, Lena, in another one of her quirky outfits stared at her. 

“What are you talking about Girl?” She retraced her steps back to Analise. “It’s six-thirty at night.” She looked up and down Analise. “And if I’m not mistaken you’ve spent the night doing naughty things.” An apologetic look crossed Lena’s face. “Sorry if I interrupted your loving. I just wanted to stop by and see if you wanted to be go with Mason and me to a munch my BDSM group is holding at Poulanos, but I’ve obviously interrupted something. I’ll be going.” 

And it was that easy. The anger which had been brewing inside her died. Now Analise felt like a total heel. “Wait, Lena.” She stepped out into the hall. “I’m alone. Come in and have a cup of coffee with me?” The last thing she wanted to do was piss off one of her few friends and she needed some coffee to get her brain to engage.

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