Analise's Journey, Episode 5 Excerpt

Tossing his keys on the small stand next to the door, Liam entered the old Victorian home he shared with Grim. The smell of supper simmering on the stove top teased his nose as he made his way down the hall to the kitchen. One of the many things he loved about being with Grim: the man’s overwhelming need to take care of him - especially since before he’d met his lover, he’d lived off take out or what ever meal he could con out of his mother.

“Master?” Grim appeared in the door way, wearing nothing but a white apron and a pair of shorts, one of Liam’s few concessions to the no clothing rule while at home. He didn’t want his baby to end up burning or splattering something that he was going to want to play with later. No, if Grim was going to feel any pain it would at his hands alone and of the erotic variety.

“Hey, inamorato.” He pulled his sub into his arms, nuzzling his neck while savoring the strong smell of garlic and oregano on him. “Pasta again?” Not that Liam minded. He absolutely loved Italian food. Nobody made homemade pasta like his Grim.

Grim squirmed closer and moaned as their cocks rubbed against each other through the layers separating them. “Well, you mentioned fettuccine last night, so I thought I’d make you some considering how you outdid yourself after we got home.”

He squeezed one of Grim’s buttocks with his hand, lining up their groins for maximum pleasure. “Outdid myself? Is that what I did? I thought I screwed your brains out.” He nipped at the slightly stubbled skin under Grim’s jawline, before licking the sting away, loving the way his man groaned softly.

“You did, Master.” Grim’s voice was thready, his rising desire already apparent.

Any other time, he’d have bent his sub over the back of the couch not ten feet from them, jerked down the shorts he was wearing and bury himself deep inside of Grim, but not today. No today, he needed to talk to his lover about Analise. He pulled back to brush a kiss over Grim’s temple, before releasing him. “Why don’t you go turn down dinner, get me a cup of coffee, and meet me in the family room? We need to talk, Grimwell.”

A worried look crossed his sub’s face, as he’d expected when he’d addressed him by his full name. He wanted to kiss the worry off his sub’s face, but refrained knowing as worked up as he was, it wouldn’t take much to have him pounding into his lover’s willing body. “It’s nothing bad, I promise. I just want a cup of coffee.”

Grim nodded. “Yes, Master.” Then disappeared into the kitchen.

Sighing, Liam wandered into the softly lit family room at the end of the hall. It was one of his and Grim’s favorite places to retire to at the end of a long day. He idly wondered if Analise would enjoy the room as much as they did. Spacious with airy twelve foot ceilings, it was homey. While he didn’t enjoy cooking, he did enjoy decorating their little getaway. Dark leather couches sat adjacent to one another, while a modest thirty-two inch HD television graced their entertainment center. It was warm and cozy with the books lining the shelves and an electric fireplace on the far side of the room.

Sinking into his favorite spot, the couch closest to the fireplace, he’d just removed his boots when Grim came in, this time sans shorts and apron, with a steaming mug of coffee for him. The wonderful scent of Arabica coffee and french vanilla drifted his way as Grim handed him the mug then sank down on the pillow next to Liam’s feet. When Grim’s cheek rested against his knee, Liam took a sip of the potent brew and ran his fingers through Grim’s curls, enjoying a few minutes of peace, before he caused an entire upheaval in their relationship. Because he had no doubt, even as much as Grim wanted Analise, his sub would struggle with the change that would ensue by adding a third to their relationship.

Taking a few more sips of his coffee, he finally set it aside. Gently tugging on Grim’s hair, he made eye contact with him. A trace of fear still lingered, but he could still see the love his man had for him. “Come up here, inamorato.” He patted his lap and with a small squeak, his lover climbed into Liam’s lap, his face burrowing into Liam’s collar. Wrapping one arm around him, he snagged the blanket off the back of the couch and tucked it around Grim. “Comfy?”

Grim nodded, his head tucked beneath Liam’s chin. “Good but how am I going to talk to you if I can’t see those beautiful eyes, Grim?”

A gusty sigh against his collarbone was his only warning before Grim lifted his head. Used to such tricks, Liam jerked his head to the side to keep from being head-butted. Grim’s baby blues shone suspiciously. “Now there will be none of that. This isn’t supposed to be something bad. I’ve thought about your request of allowing Analise to join us on a temporary basis to see if she fits and I have an answer for you. But first I need a few answers myself, before I tell you. Can you do that for me?”

A smile tugged at Grim’s lips before he nodded.

“Good.” He pursed his lips and tried to organize his thoughts. “So, you’re serious about wanting to dominate her, correct? This isn’t just a phase you’re going through? Because the job of dominating one such as Analise is not to be entered lightly.” At the questioning look Grim gave him, he continued. “I saw her tonight at Poulanos and after talking with Gabriel for a bit before I left, he gave me some sketchy information on her, and I have a feeling she’s just as innocent as we suspected last night.”

Grim groaned softly, one hand slipping between his thighs. Liam leaned back.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing, slave?”

Eyes widening, Grim jerked his hand out from between his legs. “Sorry, Master. I just…the thought of being the one to introduce her to the lifestyle and all its pleasures, makes me hard. Needy.”

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