Koholo's Seduction Excerpt

"Ah, fuck. Suck me." Toby fought the urge to bury his hands in Kaholo's dark silken hair. The golden brown man hummed his approval, the vibrations against his overly sensitive cock nearly sending Toby around the bend. If someone had told him six months ago when he accepted this job transfer to Honolulu, he'd be experiencing a blowjob from his male lover on a private beach, he'd have told them they were smoking something. His plan of working his way up the corporate ladder hadn't included the luscious man kneeling at his feet. One would think at forty he should've had more control than this. "Oh God, Kaholo, please." He dug his nails deep into his palms to keep from grabbing Kaholo's head to end his torment.

His lover gave him a mischievous smile as he pulled away from Toby's aching flesh. "Feels good, doesn't it?" His tongue, pink and moist, rubbed over the crest of Toby's dick, sending jolts of pleasure up his spine. "Hmmm, salty. You always taste of the sea."

"Shit…." A hiss escaped Toby as another spurt of pre-come leaked from him. His body was more than willing to give Kaholo anything he wanted. He trembled when one of Kaholo's hands slipped under his full sack to tease at the tender flesh behind his balls. His breath grew erratic,even as he looked around the deserted beach. Private or not, he was taking a big risk, but with his dick one step away from paradise he could care less about his surroundings. He grabbed at Kaholo's shoulders when the tip of an inquisitive digit brushed over his rosette. A low groan ripped free of him as Kaholo pressed against the tightly furled entrance.

"Easy." Kaholo gentled him, his finger easing up, his dark amber eyes reassuring. "We'll take it as slow as you need – I can wait until you're ready, ipo."

Toby nearly melted into the sand at the husky endearment if it weren't for the thick shoulders under his palms. There was something about his new lover which had snuck under his guard. It was exactly this kind of thing that went straight to Toby's jaded heart.

"I…" He gritted his teeth at the continual brush of fingers over his back door. He'd never been on the receiving end of anal play, although with Kaholo he wanted to try. He stiffened when the pressure built. He tried to relax but found he couldn't. What was I thinking when I agreed to this? He cared deeply for Kaholo but the idea of giving up his anal cherry was daunting.

"Sirs, your dinners are ready. I've set them up on the terrace as requested." The stiff reminder from Kaholo's butler should've had him blustering and trying to jerk his swim trunks up, but instead he felt only relief as the hand teasing his anus disappeared. The tug of his shorts and the gentle covering of his cock eased his fear. Kaholo continued to amaze him – he was nothing like what he expected a gay man to be. He was such a strong specimen of manhood, but still tender without being overly flamboyant. 
"Thank you,Samuel." Kaholo stood, towering over his own six foot height by several inches, surprisingly Toby didn't mind. He'd admired the man's form from afar since he'd first spotted Kaholo during one of his morning runs along the beach. In fact, he'd actually stumbled when he'd caught glimpse of the huge man gliding through katas in the early dawn hours. "Come, ipo." Kaholo drew him closer, dipping his head to brush his lips over Toby's ear, causing his cock to throb hard against the silky material of his trunks. "I suppose I should feed you first, before I devour you." 

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