Analise's Journey - Episode 2 Excerpt

She tugged helplessly at her bonds, every inch of her aching under the administrations of the men surrounding her. Blindfolded, she couldn’t see them but Lord could she feel their hands as they tugged at her nipples; as their fingers traced over the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs; and heaven above felt their tongues and teeth as they nipped and caressed her in places she’d never dreamed of having someone place their mouth. 
“Please…” she groaned as the lips which had been tugging at the delicate skin at the back of her knee slid higher. Stubble brushed against her skin, sending even more sensations skittering across her nerve endings.
“Master?”  The soft plea in the man’s voice sent a jolt through her as did the direct exhale which stirred the curls at the juncture of her thighs.  She waited with baited anticipation as did the man between her legs.  Would he be given permission to place his mouth on her pussy? Or would the Master torment them both by denying them - prolonging their anticipation until both were nothing more than a begging mass of flesh? 
“Is that what you would like, little one, to feel my slave’s tongue against your little pussy? To have him make you come?”  The dark command spoken directly into her ear sent shivers down her spine, competing with the ones radiating up her thighs from the man tracing patterns with his tongue.  His heartfelt groan at his Master’s words stroked the flames of her desire even hotter.
“Please.”  She whispered through dry lips, her legs trembling with the need to come. She’d never been so aroused in her life.  Every nerve was tight as each stroke of fingers, tongues and teeth sent her passion a little bit higher. 
“What do you think, slave. Does she deserve to feel your tongue? Has she earned her reward?” 
The lips abandoned her thigh. “She hasn’t sucked you yet as you asked, Master…” 
She groaned at the man’s reminder.  Unfamiliar with any oral sex at all, she’d stumbled earlier at the requested blow job and this in turn was her punishment. To be teased and tormented until she gave the men what they wanted. More importantly what he wanted - the Master.
“Very true.  Seems rather odd considering she wants the very thing from you that she denied me.” The feel of something warm but damp brushed over her cheek.
“I…I’m sorry.”  She turned her face. ‘I’ll do it…”  In desperation, she searched for the Master’s cock. That had to be what she just felt. She was inexperienced but not stupid.  And now on the edge of release herself, she no longer could remember why she’d balked at the idea of taking him into her mouth.
“Beg, Analise, I want you to beg for it, because only then will I allow you to come.”

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