Trust Excperpt

Leighann heard the shower turn on and she was just about to investigate when her cell phone rang. Glancing at the display, she saw it was Gloria.


“I won’t be home tonight, girl. I met this absolutely dreamy guy down at Antonio’s.” A giggle escaped her and Leighann could hear the dark murmurs of man’s voice begging Gloria to hurry up.


“Jason’s still there isn’t he...Frank, quit. I have to talk to her, then we’ll go...please tell me he’s still there.”

“He’s here, go have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ending the call, she again heard the shower. Why is he showering now, I thought he was going to bed? Wait, duh, what am I thinking ,cold showers alleviate hard-ons.

The thought aroused her, and not just a little. The thought of him in her shower stroking his erection he got because he was thinking about her. Before she could lose her courage, she was up, down the hall, and tightening her hand on the bathroom door knob. Do I dare do this? Will I be able to resist climbing into the shower with him if he’s doing what I think he’s doing? Will opening this door put us in a relationship? She reluctantly released the knob and made her way back down the hall to her room.

* * * *

Jason braced one arm against the tile of the shower as his fist flew up and down his cock. The soap slickened flesh between his thighs had become a throbbing wound which needed release. Even the soap he was using reminded him of her. As the need for release grew in his balls, his breath came faster and he couldn’t help but think about her, imagining her in here with him, watching his every move and licking those tempting lips.

“Minx!” His muffled growl was followed by his release. He sagged against the wall of the shower as his temporarily sated cock softened. Damn, this has got to stop. I’ve never jerked off as much as I have this last week. Hopefully, she’ll see the light soon and give in.​

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