Tempting the Dom Excerpt

“Revisiting the scene of the crime, Adalia?” Dom’s cool voice had her flinching and jumping to her feet. She looked at him and tried to judge the distance between him and the door. Could she make it?

“Don’t even try it.” Kicking the door shut, he pressed the electronic lock and leaned up against it.

“Dom, I wasn’t expecting to see you…” She moved towards the French doors on the other side of the room.

“Why ever not? This is my home and while I enjoyed your little show downstairs, it only pisses me off that before tonight you refused to dance for me.”

Clenching her teeth, she tried to control her temper. “Just because you paid for the lessons doesn’t mean I’m obligated to dance for you, Domhnall!”

He shrugged before pushing off the door. “No it doesn’t.” He reached up and loosened the tie around his neck. “But you’re deluded if you think walking out of here that night last year cleared you of your obligations to me.”

She froze like a deer ready to flee. “Excuse me?”

“You owe me an orgasm, Addie, and that’s one debt I intend to collect.” His hazel eyes were full of determination.

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