Seducing the Sword Excerpt

Camulos watched in amazement as the petite woman in his arms went demonic. Her pale faerie skin deepened to a dark burgundy. White lines formed the demonic symbols of her lineage on visible parts of her body. The need to claim her sharpened. He wanted to trace them with his tongue.

When her body lengthened, muscles rippled under her darkened skin. As her long blonde hair crackled with energy, he barely managed to keep from taking her to the wet ground. The only thing stopping him was his son's presence. Their urging him to release the faerie woman no make that demoness, fell on deaf ears.

"Come on, Dad, let her go before she goes" Kennet no longer sounded amused. In fact there was a great deal of apprehension in his eldest's tone.

Not that it worries me. Rubbing his thumb over her quickly warming skin, he smiled as his lust spiked. "Damn, thats incredibly sexy" Speaking for her ears alone, he moved closer, shielding her from his sons. He didnt need them to see him groping his TrueMate.

After all they're only teenagers. There will be plenty time later for them to be educated about the assero velabeo. At least twenty years if they are lucky.

It was a well-known fact that those possessing bloodseed from a God came into their sexual maturity late. The need for their TrueMate never appeared before the age of thirty-five. Mother Natures way of making sure the bloodseed was mature enough to handle having an eternal mate. Some of his kind searched for decades.

Just like me. It took me eons to find mine too bad I only have twenty-four hours to claim her or I die.

Her throaty groan, and tipping of her head to expose her slender neck, jerked him out of his thoughts. It took him a second to understand her words over the blood pounding in his head.
"but not as sexy as this is gonna be..."

Eyeing her throbbing pulse, he leaned forward to taste it. Nothing could be sexier than that.

Just before his mouth touched her skin, she lowered her head, depriving him of his treat and proved him wrong. There was something sexier than her throat. His disgruntled rumble got caught somewhere between his chest and lips at the sight before him.

Fucking, sexy-ass horns!

Ebony in color, they curved back from her temples to wrap around the side of her head. They held her blonde hair back from her face better than any headband he'd ever seen.

The contrast of those sexy horns parting her blonde hair made him ache. He didnt stop to think before reaching out to touch them. He wasn't prepared for the unexpected pain coming from her forehead hitting his chin.

"Son of a bitch!" He tightened his hands around her arms but kept her at arm lengths, preventing her from trying again. Dark spots swam at the edge of his vision. What the hell is her head made out of?

She pulled against his hold. "That was your one and only warning, Camulos. Dont ever touch the horns."

Vision clearing, he leered down at her. The heady mix of the assero velabeo and thrill of the chase combined in his blood, making a potent cocktail. "This promise is mine, demon-faerie. Youll be begging me to touch them before this day is through."

Releasing her arms, he snatched her up and hoisted her over his shoulder. Winking at his astonished sons, he walked back through the open gates. "Welcome home, boys." He didn't wait to see if theyd follow. He simply knew they would. After all they were his sons.

Adult Excerpt:

He cupped her cheek, staring into her eyes. "Thank you for returning them to me, Cayleigh. I owe you a debt of honor for that alone."

"No, you don't." Stepping back, she broke their connection, uncomfortable with its intensity. She quickly changed the subject. "I promised my niece Id escort the boys to you once things were taken care of in the Faerie Realm." She plastered what she hoped was a smile on her face. "She didnt want anyone raising them other than herself or you, not even her rabid demoness Aunt. Evidently I was good enough when she was alive but now that shes dead.well, their place is with their father." She tried to hide her bitterness but evidently it mustve shown because his features softened.

"Listen, I'm sure she didnt mean it personally, Cayleigh." He stepped away from the door. "She knew I wouldve torn the Faerie Realm apart once I heard of her passing to retrieve my sons. She was protecting the innocents there."

She avoided his gaze. Its sweet that hes trying to comfort me, but I dont need sweetness. It has no place where Im going. Shifting her weight, she stuck her hand out. "It was nice to actually get to meet you, Camulos, despite our rocky start. Now, its time for me to go home. Remind the boys that I expect to see them occasionally."

When he continued to stare at her hand without taking it, she finally dropped it. Evidently hes not going to make this easy. "Move."

Determination radiated from him. "No."

Irritation coursed through her and the glamour she held tightly slipped. "I dont have time for this. I kept my promise. Now move your hulking ass, God of War, or else."

The lug had the audacity to laugh at her. "Or youll what? Arouse me again with your little "now you see the demoness, now you dont" show?"
Her fists clenched at her sides, before she forced herself to relax. He's just trying to get me to rise to the bait. I don't know what his game is, but Im not going to play. "No, Ill show you that unlike my niece, I dont abhor violence, and will be more than happy to kick your ass."

He studied her thoughtfully. "Its too bad you dont act more like Ashlyn."

Giving an exasperated sigh, she met him head on. "And why is that?"

"Because by simply being yourself you sealed your fate." He reached behind him to flick the lock on the door.

"Really? Do you honestly think that a lock is going to stop me?" The leash shed been holding on her glamour dropped. Without the glamour, her demoness stepped forward.

His mouth tightened and his gaze grew heated. "You really believe in living dangerously, dont you? Keep thrusting your sexy true form in my face and Ill tie you to my spanking bench until youre screaming with pleasure." His hoarse words barely registered in her brain before he picked her up. Carrying her to his desk, he set her down on the scarred mahogany surface. He caged her in with his arms.

She pushed at his chest, unable to resist the urge to test his strength. "What the hell are you talking about? Im not some submissive to do your bidding. I dont care who the hell died and made you God, but I only answer to Bilé. Now move your stubborn Celtic ass out of my way. Im done here!"

"Not a chance in hell!" His deep boom didnt faze her in the least. She was used to hearing her father rumble the same way and ninety-percent of the time it was nothing more than posturing.

"Well see about that. I'm a demoness and belong in the Underworld. You cant keep me here! I delivered your sons as I promised. My obligation is over. "Now move!" Baring her fangs, she expected him to back off. Most humans did when confronted by the razor sharp teeth of a demoness.

The deep rumble of thunder had her glancing towards the bay windows. She frowned when she realized it hadnt come from outside but rather from the pissed off god in front of her. Leaning back on her arms, she stared at him and reevaluated her actions. Even demonesses know better than to play with lightening. Perhaps I shouldve worded my request differently.

'I'll say when youre done, demoness." Spearing his hand through the blonde hair at the nape of her neck, he tilted her head back and covered her parted lips with his. When his tongue thrust aggressively inside her mouth, she drew on it before pushing her own back into his mouth. The mating of their mouths turned violent and she found her hands buried in his shoulder-length blond hair.

Ripping his mouth away from hers, his lips slid across her cheek and settled on the pointed tip of her ear. Nipping it, he soothed it with his tongue before again pulling it into his mouth. She squirmed against him.

"No biting - damn it," she moaned when his teeth returned to the rim of her super-sensitive ear to nip once more.

A grumble escaped him as his hand left her throat. Sliding down, she arched toward it as he cupped one breast before his thumb teased its tip. A jolt of intense pleasure surged through her when he none-to-gently tweaked her nipple. Tossing her head back she tried to fight the need to submit to him. Each time he pinched it she felt a sharp pull in her womb. Panting and still trapped by his arms, she tried to rationalize why she couldnt get involved with him. Her plans were to return to Hellreturn home to her father.

"We got to stop-we cant do this..."

He muffled her protest with his mouth, which showed her exactly what he thought of it. Even as his tongue tangled with hers, she knew she wasn't going to be able to resist sampling him before leaving. She was going to find out exactly what it felt like to fuck the God of War. She suspected he wouldnt mind at all if she got rough with him, unlike her past milksop lovers shed had during her time in the Faerie realm.

Digging her lengthening nails into his massive shoulders while thrusting her tongue back into his mouth, she was waiting to hear his muffled protest as her sharp nails drew blood.

When he jerked back, it wasn't to protest. A low groan of need echoed the sound of cloth at his shoulders tearing. She found herself pressed back against the blotter on his desk.

"I've got to have you, demoness. If this isnt what you want, stop me now.' His blue eyes were smoky silver with his desire.

She was struck once more by his concern. If she'd been any another female, she mightve been thrilled. I don't want him concerned or being gentle with me. If we're going to do this, I need him wild and out of control.

Arching up she caught the throat of his dark t-shirt and ripped it down the front. She licked her lips as the bronzed flesh of his chest and rock-hard stomach were exposed to her view. How she wanted to take a bite out of him. Locking eyes with his and snarling, she used his ripped shirt and her demonic strength to haul his torso over her when she sank back against the desk. When their faces were mere inches part, she gave him one last warning. "You stop and Ill be shredding more than your shirt, Camulos. Now fuck me!"

Thunder boomed as he yanked her hands free of his shirt. Holding them tightly in one hand he shed the remnants of his shirt, and then wrapped it tightly around her wrists. Leaning across her, he yanked her arms up, and hooked the ends of her shirt over something above her head, effectively binding her. Stepping off to the side, she had a clear view of him and he smirked. "Watch. See how much I need you." He jerked open the button fly on his faded jeans.

Her fists clenched with the need to help, to touch his skin. She was unwilling to use her full demonic strength and possibly destroy his desk. In the back of her mind she was trying to ignore the real reason why she let him bind her.

She could feel the lust rolling off him when he stepped closer. "Oh yeah, eat me up with those eyes. Show me how much you like the idea of being at my mercy, demoness."

Her breath caught. Goddess this is so erotic. Who'd have thought I'd let a man tie me like this? The resulting feeling of helplessness sent shards of anticipation through her pussy.

She feigned a glare, hoping to throw him off but had a feeling he knew she was faking her anger. Especially when she started panting as his erect cock popped into view. Thick and heavily veined, it was just as massive as the rest of him. A steady, thin stream of liquid seemed to be leaking from the head, and she desperately wanted to lick it up.

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