Only His

Alex groaned at her response. You naughty little girl. Imagining her on top of me is dangerous to my health. Discreetly he adjusted his cock. His roommate looked up from his homework.

​"Teasing some hot lady over there?" Carson stood and walked over to where Alex was sitting with his laptop covering his sudden erection.

"You could say that. I'm trying to get her to come here so I can do it in person."

As his roommate Carson was aware of the games he liked to play with his girlfriends. Hearing a woman screaming in Alexs room wasn't uncommon. Tying up his lovers and teasing them was Alex's specialty.

"Oh, man." Carson nodded to the framed picture of Alex and Lisa taken right before he'd left for college. "Her?"

"Yep. I even sent her a ticket."

​"Man, that's one hot lady you have. I cant believe you bothered with the chicks on campus with that waiting for you. When is she coming? I'll make sure I'm scarce when she gets here. I can only handle so much sexy screaming before I need to find relief."

Alex looked up at him with a frown.

"Dude, isnt Laura giving you any? I swear you got sex on the brain. Lisa's my aunt's foster daughter."

"I thought you said she was your lady?" Now Carson looked confused.

"She is, and when I get her down here, shes gonna realize it." Alex turned his attention back to the computer when it chimed.

"Well, cousin or not, I'd jump all over the chance to screw her."

​"Shes not technically my cousin; shes my best friend and soul mate. And shes going to realize it. Now all I've gotta do is sweet talk her into bringing her sexy ass out here. Once she's here, shes mine and therell be no more running. I'm done pussyfooting around this. The sooner she accepts it the sooner we can start our life together."

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