Her Christmas Wish Excerpt

Ask me what?" Both Lauren and her mother spun towards the door. Garth was leaning up against the frame.

Well, your dad and I just won an all expenses paid trip to Atlantic City for this weekend, but we'd have to leave tonight, and I didn't feel right leaving you and Lauren alone on Christmas Eve."

"I don't have a problem with it, Mom. Go! Have a wonderful time, you both deserve it." He smiled as his stepmother squeezed by him to go into the hall. "I've invited Jer over and we were just gonna watch some movies. I didn't want him to be alone this year. Its his first Christmas alone since both his folks have passed."

"All right, if you don't mind, I'll tell your father the great news and we'll get going." She grinned before she headed downstairs calling loudly for him. Garth continued to stand in Lauren's door until his stepmother was out of sight.

​Then walking further into her room, he shut the door behind him.

"What's up, Garth? Is everything okay?" Lauren leaned back as she felt the familiar tingle start in her stomach, then in an instant it was spreading.

​"Yeah. You don't have a problem with entertaining Jeremiah tonight, do you?" He sat down next to her on the bed.

"No, of course not. I've always liked him."

"Plus we're going to have some other company tonight. So you might want to get your rest. Its going to be a very busy Christmas Eve." He winked as he stood up.

​"Who?" If he invited all of his buddies over, I'm calling this off. I agreed to a ménage-a-trois, not a gang-bang.

"Why, Kris and Gloria."

"Kris and Gloria? How'd you find out?"

"Kris visited me a couple days ago. He's visited Jeremiah too. He told us about your very special Christmas Wish."

Flame flooded her face, whether from embarrassment or desire she wasn't sure.

"You know, Lauren, all you had to do was ask." He reached over and softly tucked a strand of hair behind one delicate ear.

"What?" Could it have really have been that easy?

"Both Jeremiah and I've wanted you since the first time we saw you, but neither of us figured we stood a chance with a real college babe like you. I mean who'd think you'd even look at two guys who'd just graduated from the local community college?"

"Garth, both of you had steady girlfriends when I met you. I assumed you were spoken for. I don't trespass on somebody else's property." Dear God, I didn't even think about them being taken when I agreed to this. What have I done?
"I'm not gonna to be trespassing tonight, am I? I won't do this if there's a chance someone else will be hurt by it."

"No. I'm between girlfriends, and well, Jeremiah, he's different when it comes to dating, he has..."

"I have certain rules when it comes to dating. Rules which many women don't like so they decide I'm not to their tastes." Jeremiah walked into Laurens bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Lauren could barely breathe when she felt the pressure of having both young men in the room with her. Looking at the lust burning in Jeremiahs eyes, she shivered. When he sat down next to her, she inhaled his citrus-spiked scent. If either of them so much as touch me, I'm gonna come right here and now.

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