Healer's Touch, Part One Excerpt

After climbing the stairs, Kat entered her bedroom. Yanking out the small duffle she’d brought with her from Earth, she was in the midst of packing when there was a knock on her door. Without looking up, she yelled, “Come in.” She was surprised when she saw Charles in her open doorway. He had never once entered her private room.

"Did you come to seduce me, Charlie?" Softly licking her lips, she waited for the explosion she knew was coming, but she couldn’t help it -- she just had to tease him.

"No! How many times do I have to tell you, we’re never going to be lovers?”

Sashaying over to him, she trailed her fingers up his wide chest. She loved the stillness that washed over him every time she touched him.

"I don't know. Perhaps when your body doesn’t respond to my touch, or you can convince me you mean it. In the meantime, never say never, ‘cause it could happen.”

A low growl escaped him before he knocked her hand away. “Knock it off, Katrina.”

“I’d like to take something off.” Licking her lips, she nearly giggled when he cursed before he pushed past her. When he grabbed her bag, she couldn’t resist.

“Are you looking for sex toys, Charlie?” As she wrapped her arms around the bed post, she watched him dump her bag across the duvet. “If you wanted to see my vibrator, all you had to do was ask.”

“Knock it off, I said!” He pawed through the items on the bed. Because she was watching him intently, she noticed when his hand paused as he rubbed the material under his fingers.

“Find something interesting?” Pushing away from the post, she moved next to him. It amazed her how small her clothing seemed under the large dark hand stroking it.

He made an inarticulate sound and swallowed roughly before looking back up at her. “What’s this?”

Looking at the material under his hand, she had to fight to keep her own breathing steady. “The material or the garment? Surely your women wear panties.”

He nodded before rubbing his thumb over them once more. “But never of this kind of material. What is it?”

“Nylon. It’s very comfortable.”

“It’s silky.” The two words seemed to be drawn out of his chest.

“Yes. From what Rand has told me about your country, it’s both hot and dry. I need something comfortable against my skin.”

A low groan escaped him before he reluctantly dropped the panties back into the pile and backed away from the bed. "Yeah, it’s hot and dry. We wear dryla which is similar to your cotton. We also use breathers while traveling. Our desert isn’t made out of what you’d call sand. It’s mostly red dust and volcanic ash."

Kat began to stuff her clothing back into the duffel and bent over. She could feel his eyes on her ass. Finally, unable to stand it any longer, she twisted to look up at him.

“If you’re not going to make love to me, quit staring at my ass.”

“I wasn’t-”

“Don’t give me that crap. I could feel your eyes touching me. I only have so much will power, Charlie, and you’re pushing me to the very limit.”

He stiffened. “You’re bolder than any woman I’ve ever met!”

“Including Gracie?”

He sputtered. “You’re just as bad as her. Why can’t you let the man do the pursuing?”

“Poor Charlie, scared of a little Earthling girl.”

“I am not scared!” He crossed his arms defensively.

“If you say so, but tell me, Charlie, when are you going to take what you want? Deanna is dead. She has no claim over you anymore. Plus from what I’ve heard, her claims were dishonest.”

“I’m more than capable of taking what I want, little girl, but I don’t want you.”

“Oh Pinocchio, better watch that nose of yours, it’s growing by the second.”

Giving her a baffled look, he turned away. “We leave at sunrise, be ready.” He was just about ready to exit the room when she stopped him.



“I’ll always be ready for you.”

His groan filled the room. “Do you ever think about anything other than sex?”

“With you in the vicinity? Not likely. I can’t help it, I want you.”

When he moved, she thought he was going to turn and leave. Instead he slammed the door shut, effectively locking them both in her room. A surprised gasp escaped her when she found herself squashed up against the closet door with almost seven feet of aroused male pressed against her.

“You had to push, you little minx.” Dipping his head, he swiftly captured her mouth with his. A long moan escaped her tight throat as fire raced over her and settled in the pit of her stomach. She’d pushed him to the point and he finally pushed back. He’d wasted no time on preliminaries. His tongue pillaged and laid claim to everything she had.

Kat wrapped her arms around his neck. She tried to get closer while her body flared out of control. His answering rumble had her lifting one leg over his hip. It hooked around him, so she used it to pull him closer, wanting to feel the hard evidence of his need against her. At her movement something seemed to snap inside of him, and his hands tore at the long skirt she was wearing. Ripping his mouth away from hers, he fastened his mouth on the side of her neck. The strong suctioning of his mouth had her arching against him as pleasure gathered at the base of her neck then slid down her body like a torrent of water. The further it traveled, the faster it built. By the time it reached her womb, she was throbbing on the edge of release.

“Charlie…please…I’m going to….”

His deep growl at her throat had her screaming as the pleasure exploded. She dug her fingernails into his massive shoulders, holding on for dear life while ecstasy racked her body

He jerked away from her, his chest heaving with his rapid breathing, and his eyes clamped shut as he fought for control. His panting along with the disheveled dark auburn hair made him look like a man possessed. She could see the hard length of him pressed against the front of his slacks. It was even more pronounced than it had been in the library.

Without opening his eyes, he grabbed her hand and pressed it tight against his cock. “This is what you are courting, little girl. I am not the gentle lover of your dreams. I like my sex hard and rough. I need to dominate my woman in bed. It’s better if you leave this be!’

“And if I said I wanted it hard and rough?” She couldn’t believe it. Her desire, which had been sated, now returned with a vengeance at the thought of being held under his massive body and taken ruthlessly.

“Then God help us all.” Shoving her hand away, he turned and stalked from the room. The quiet click of the door behind him released the thrall he’d woven around her. Boneless, she sank to the floor.

“Dear God. We’re going to combust before we even make it to a bed.”

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