Ace's Desire Excerpt

Jacob didn’t stir when he heard Eri come into the room. After Eri had left earlier, he’d snuck down the hall and eavesdropped on the men. He’d barely made it back to the room before Eri. Even now his body was covered in a fresh sheen of sweat from his slow torturous hobble down the hallway. His wound wasn’t going to let him forget about its existence. Earlier, his panic had dulled it, but at the moment he felt every agonizing throb of it.

The trip had been worth it though. He had learned quite a bit about his savior. And the man with him. He was Eri’s older brother and while he hadn’t recognized all of the words Daiki had spouted off at Eri, he knew enough. His brother didn’t approve of what Eri had done. And it all has to do with Eri’s sexuality. How the man could be so open about his preferences was a mystery to him.

The ease Eri has shown with both his attraction to men, and refusal to hide his sexual preference from anyone, even his brother, made him wish he could do the same. But my mother would never understand. She expects me to marry Renee-Anne and start a family. Although the girl was beautiful, his cock wasn’t even interested. How the hell am I supposed to start a family with her, when the idea of fucking her makes me limp as a wet washrag? The familiar scent of sandalwood jerked him out of his depressing thoughts.

Gor-de-san?” The cool feel of Eri’s hand on his shoulder sent a shiver of longing through him. The memory of seeing the same hand stroking over the man’s hard-on while he watched him come earlier, tugged at his loins. More than anything, he’d wanted to replace that hand with his own. The desire to do it and more had him clenching his fists against the bedding. I can’t.

“I know you’re awake and you heard me and Daiki.” The hand stroked over his shoulder and down his arm, sending fissures of pleasure to the rest of his extremities. It was all he could do to not roll over and cover Eri’s body with his own. “So you know I sent my brother to get word to your people.” Eri’s thumb stroked over the sensitive skin on his inner wrist. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning. It was like his body was starved for attention – this man’s attention in particular.

“So?” His voice came out rough. He hissed when a moist tongue traced over his pulse. The desire that had been simmering grew.

Hot air teased over his wet skin as Eri lifted his mouth away from his wrist. “So it will take at least three or four days before you’re rescued. Daiki will have to be careful not to be caught.”

Like I’m gonna give a medal to that ass for doing me a favor. “So I heard.” He jerked when Eri stroked a moist trail of fire from his wrist, across his palm to his fingertips. The low whimper in his throat turned into a full-fledged groan as wetness surrounded two of his fingers. Helpless against the need, he turned his head and wished he hadn’t.

Eri’s expression was filled with stark need as he hungrily suckled at his fingers. They throbbed in response. All his remaining blood headed south. He imagined his talented mouth wrapped around another throbbing part of his anatomy. “Oh. My. God.” His eyes closed helplessly against the sight. He nearly cried out when the mouth left his flesh.

“Closing those beautiful eyes won’t change this, Gor-de-san. Share this with me. For the remainder of our time, be my Saiai no koibito – my lover.”

His chest tightened and his dick felt like it was primed to explode. More than anything in the world he wanted to say yes but he couldn’t. “I…can’t. I’m leaving.” He pulled his hand away.

“I know, but you’re here now.” The blanket started to slide off him. He grabbed at the slipping material, before glaring at the cause. Eri smiled at him before yanking it out of his faltering hands.

“Hey give it back!” Torn between grabbing the blanket and covering his exposed dick, he chose the latter. He didn’t trust himself to not grab the smug little man. Like covering my groin with my hands is enough to hide this killer hard-on.

Sitting up, he tried to hunch over to hide his obvious problem. Renewed pain fought with desire as the move tugged on his wound.

“Enough of this nonsense!” Eri pushed him back. “You're going to hurt yourself.”

Falling back, he tossed an arm over his eyes. Useless freakin body! It can get hard at the thought of fucking Eri, but I can’t even sit up without agonizing pain rushing through me. Hands straightened out his leg even as he fought the pain.

“Let me look at it.”

From under his arm, he watched as Eri checked around the edges of the bandage. “I see no fresh blood, but you need to take it easy. You can’t afford any more blood loss.” Scooting up to sit next to his hip, his hand touched the lighter skin around his hipbone.

“Don’t.” He was barely able to force the protest through his tight throat, his gaze focused on the white hand pressed against his dark skin.

Longing filled Eri’s face and his mouth pulled into a pout as he stared down at him. “I want to touch you, Gor-de-san. Your skin calls to me. I want to feel it under mine, to know the texture of your curls against mine.” The hand left his hip to travel across the taunt plane of his lower abs. “So different than mine. Your body is beautiful.” His touch dipped into the well of his hips before heading towards Jacob’s cock.

It took all of his willpower but Jacob grabbed his hand before it could explore any further. “This can go no further. All the sweet talk in the world won’t change things! I’m an American – a black one at that, and you’re Japanese. We’re not meant to be together.”

Eri leaned over him until his mouth was inches from his. “I know, and I don’t care. Spend this time with me.” Firm lips nuzzled at his. He could taste the mushrooms and wild vegetables from the sukiyaki they’d shared earlier. “Give me a memory of my American pilot to remember when he’s gone.”

Desire boiled in his veins as he submitted. “You don’t play fair. One memory,” he promised as he threaded his fingers through Eri’s hair. The man gave a relieved gasp. “Kiss me. I need to know how you taste.” Pulling him closer, he slanted his mouth over Eri’s, groaning at the unique flavor. His head swam with it. Parting his lips with a smooth thrust of his tongue, he explored his mouth with greed, searching out more.

Against his mouth Eri moaned, his fingers digging into his shoulders. God he tastes so good. Wrapping his hands around his waist, he lifted Eri so he could straddle his waist. Feels so good. As he settled over him, Jacob bucked involuntary at the feel of the muscular cloth-covered ass pressed against his cock. More than anything he wanted inside its tight grip. The thought had him close to spilling.

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