A Lover for Cache Excerpt

Fuming as he rode down in the elevator with the security guard, Caleb tried to cope with his unusually intense reaction to Cache Ululani. While she wasn't the stunning beauty like Thalie, she appealed to him on a deeper level than any woman had. Even her waspy tone had turned him on. He'd wanted nothing more than to turn her stinging words into hisses of pleasure. It'd taken all of his considerable control to keep from dropping to his knees in front of her and giving her something to really scream about while he ate her, forcing one orgasm after another from her until she couldn't berate him anymore.

While she had the same dark hair as her sister, her jade eyes were a shade darker than Thalie's emerald ones. Her features had been softer too. But it was the loneliness in the smile she'd given him before the brute of a security guard had escorted him out, which had made him realize what Thalie told him earlier about her sister being a recluse had been true. "My sister refuses to come out of her tower even though I can tell she's lonely, Caleb." had been her exact words.

​He'd been so sure Thalie had been trying to set him up. She seemed to take his bachelor status as an insult. Besides the way he saw it there was no way in this day and age an attractive woman in her late twenties would willingly sequester herself when she had the famous New York City nightlife at her fingertips. He'd thought he'd neatly escaped Thalie's matchmaking attempts until she'd tempted him with the one thing he'd had his eyes on since he'd met her; her one of a kind espresso machine.

Unlike most models, the one Thalie possessed made large quantities of the heavenly brew at once opposed to the tiny four ounce serving his made. He'd been drooling over it since he'd helped her set up it up. When she offered it up in exchange for a date for her sister during a wager at their last poker party, he'd been unable to resist. He'd taken a chance with his pair of Aces and Kings, never realizing the conniving little witch across the table had a Royal Flush in her hand. Despite his protests, Thalie had held him to his word and set up the mock interview as a chance for him to ask her sister out.

"Which miserably backfired, Stone."

​"Excuse me, Sir?"

​Looking over at the guard he shook his head. "Never mind."

The guard chuckled. "Ms. Cache has that affect on people. Most don't know how to take her."

​Caleb nearly groaned at the man's words. He knew how he wanted to take Cache. Hard and fast while she was writhing and screaming under him and begging him for release.

"You don't say?" Caleb couldn"t help himself. He had to know more about the woman.

"I don't talk about Ms. Cache just to anyone, Mr. Stone."

​"It's Caleb."

​"Either way, Ms. Cache is off limits. She's been hurt enough."

"Aw come on, Enrique. I'm not going to hurt her. I'm harmless as a fly. Thalie trusts me."

"I know. Or you would've never made it up to Cache's penthouse."

Caleb's jaw almost hit the floor.

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